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Surplus Property

What is Surplus Property?

Surplus Property encompasses all university property no longer in use by a university department. University departments transfer all property and equipment to Surplus Property as soon as it is determined that the property is no longer needed. Departments are not authorized to transfer or sell any state property, except to other university departments. Departments may not sell, discard or give away state property, nor is it to be used for personal use.

Property not re-assigned to university departments is disposed of, according to guidelines of the NC State Surplus Property Agency.

Who can Purchase Surplus Property?

UNCW follows the surplus sale priority classification guidelines listed below:

1st Priority
All state agencies, such as Department of Transportation, Department of Education, Cape Fear Community College.

2nd Priority
All prior approved non-profit tax exempt agencies, such as County Schools, City Schools, County and City Agencies.

3rd Priority
General public, such as individuals and wholesalers.