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Recycling at UNCW

UNCW has been diverting valuable recyclables destined for the landfill since 1989. Almost anything is recyclable; it just needs to go to the right place. We diligently search for vendors to expand the number of accepted items we process. Since we sort our collections by hand, we are able to capture and process items, like plastic bags, hangers, and styrofoam, that are typically refused in a curbside recycling program. We also process everyday items like paper, plastic, and cardboard.                                  

  1. What Can I Recycle?
  2. Campus Building Service
  3. Where Can I Recycle?
  4. Construction & Demolition 
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What Can I Recycle?

styrofoam recycling


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cardboard recycling


paper recycling


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Campus Building Service

UNCW Recycling Technicians service close to 400 recycling points across campus. We run a weekly schedule with all campus buildings being serviced at least once per week with high traffic locations serviced twice a week. Heavily used buildings, such as University Union and Fisher, are maintained daily.  

UNCW Recycling does not service individual office spaces. Small deskside bins have been made available through Housekeeping. It is the responsibility of the owner to empty the small deskside bins. If you feel your building's recycling locations are too few, or not large enough, the recycling coordinator would be happy to talk with you regarding your building's needs. 


Where Can I Recycle?


recycling depot      recycling depot

Our Recycling Depot is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Located on the corner of Lionfish Drive and Plyler Drive, there are labeled bins for cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminum, glass, and styrofoam. The depot is serviced Monday through Friday, but if you find a bin full, neatly place bagged/flattened recyclables next to the appropriate container.


recycling bins      recycling bin     recycling bin   

Academic and administrative buildings are outfitted with centralized multibin stations. These bins have been chosen specifically for the types and amounts of recycling that a building generates. All academic and administrative buildings are on weekly service schedules. Faculty and Staff are required to empty their deskside recycling bins into the nearest centralized multibin.

Classrooms should not have trash or recycle bins inside the space. Instead, students, faculty, and staff are asked to carry and separate their waste at the centralized multibin station located in the hallways of most buildings.


 recycle bins     recycle bins

Dining Halls across campus are outfitted with Max-R recycling units that were purchased through a partnership with Student Government Association, Recycling Services, Campus Life, Sustainability, Environmental Health and Safety, and Auxillary Services. These special units are made from recycled milk cartons - each unit comprised of approximately 1,725 milk jugs! These special containers are found at Fisher University Union, Fisher Student Center, and Warwick Center.


RECYCLE BINS         residence hall bins

There is access to recycling for all of our residence halls. Students can bring their recycling to one of the centralized multibin stations located in various locations depending on the building. Typically, they are located somewhere on the first floor or next to the dumpsters in the parking lots. For more specific information, visit the Housing & Residence Life webpage.  


recycle bin
Our E-Waste program accepts electronics of all types. Considered almost anything with a cord, e-waste can be dropped off at our Recycling Warehouse at 5179 Lionfish Drive during business hours.

Styrofoam is accepted at the Recycling Warehouse during normal business hours OR at our Public Recycling Depot located on the corner of Lionfish and Plyler Drives. 

For other items like batteries, toner cartridges, and plastic bags, we will accept them at the Recycling Warehouse or University Union between Subway and Jole Mole. 


Construction & Demolition

pallets     boiler    roofing

UNCW Recycling and UNCW Surplus partner to help minimize the volume of waste that is generated during construction and demolition projects on campus. This waste, which often includes recyclable and/or valuable materials, is typically sent directly to the landfill. We aim to capture and process all materials generated on campus whether through recycling markets or through the UNC Surplus System for resale to community members.  

Drop off for these materials can occur at the main warehouse - 5179 Lionfish Rd. Monday through Friday 8am - 3pm. Special arrangements can be made for pick-up on site with at least 72-hours notice.

For surplus questions, contact surplus@uncw.edu

PM Recycling Checklist


Recycling by the Numbers