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The 2021 competition period is over! Thank you to our campus community, the Office of Sustainability, the Center for Marine Science, and DC Virgo Prepatory Academy for making this year a success! With your help, we crushed our goal for this year -   24,077.9 pounds!! 

UNCW Recycling placed 11th of 25 schools in the per capita category and 4th in overall weight collected! 


 set up for dc virgo event    man on a forklift moving a pallet




Campus Race to Zero Waste is a more than just a recycling competition. It is a tool to help advance recycling and waste diversion efforts across campuses in the US and Canada. 
This year, UNCW Recycling focused its efforts on electronics recycling! Many old electronics contain dangerous elements that could leach into groundwater if not disposed of properly. Substances such as lead, cadmium, and mercury are highly toxic to a water environment, and we want to help keep them out of landfills and out of our waterways.  
Electronics recycling also recovers valuable raw materials such as copper, tin, lithium, and gold to reuse in new maunfacturing efforts. This reduces the environmental impacts of mining for new material by saving energy and resources as well as reducing greenhouse gas release.

Electronics Recycling Is A Win/Win!