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Operational Updates


About UNCW Recycling

UNCW Recycling began in 1989 to help the university meet waste reduction goals set forth in the North Carolina Solid Waste Management Act. Our goal is to efficiently and sustainably capture as much, and as many, valuable recyclable commodities from the campus waste stream in order to reduce the amount of landfill destined waste generated from campus activities. We also strive to be a valued resource to the surrounding community by providing access to recycling programs that may not be available in their areas.

Currently, we service over 400 recycling points across 70 buildings including off campus sites such as Wise House and CMS. Our technicians process the collected materials into separated recyclable products that are baled and sent out to vendors across the state. The UNCW Recycling team is constantly asking the question, "How can we keep it out of the landfill?" To that end, we are exploring options that would expand our services and increase offerings necessary to support campus operations.

If UNCW Recycling can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Mission Statement

seahawks recycleUNCW Recycling Services' mission is to sustainably capture, process, and export recyclable commodities with the ultimate goal of attaining the UNC University System's Zero Waste Goals

It is our intent to engage the minds, hands, and hearts of the UNCW university community to design, construct, and operate sustainable enterprises in the attempt to realize this mission.

Recycling Services empower Seahawks to preserve natural resources, pursue sustainability, and protect the environment. 



Become a Recycling Guru!

  • Purchase products made of post-consumer, recycled materials.
  • Shop at second-hand stores, pawn shops, local markets, and thrift shops.
  • Print documents on both sides - better yet, use e-mails for drafts and inter-office exchanges!
  • File your e-mails electronically rather than printing.
  • Bicycle, carpool, or use the free Seahawk Shuttle bus.
  • Use re-usable boxes, bandanas, or a hand towel to wrap gifts.
  • Ship fragile items in paper shred, old clothes, or worn towels instead of bubble wrap or packing peanuts.
  • Pack your lunch in re-usable containers.
  • Bring your own cup for fountain sodas or coffee drinks on campus - PLUS you get a discount!
  • Share magazine subscriptions with neighbors, schools or child-care programs
  • Donate unused clothing to community groups