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About UNCW Recycling Services

UNCW Recycling began in 1989 to help the university meet waste reduction goals set forth in the North Carolina Solid Waste Management Act. Our goal is to efficiently and sustainably capture as much, and as many, valuable recyclable commodities from the campus waste stream in order to reduce the amount of landfill destined waste generated from campus activities. We also strive to be a valued resource to the surrounding community by providing access to recycling programs that may not be available in their areas.

Currently, we service approximately 280 recycling points across 65 buildings including off campus sites such as Wise House, CMS, and Comb's House. Our technicians process the collected materials into separated recyclable products that are baled and sent out to vendors across the state. The UNCW Recycling team is constantly asking the question, "How can we keep it out of the landfill?" To that end, we are exploring options that would expand our services and increase offerings necessary to support campus operations.

If UNCW Recycling can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Styrofoam Recycling Services

UNCW Recycling Services is now accepting CLEAN Styrofoam/packing material for recycling. Recycling Services has a new Styrofoam densifier, and is currently the only one of its kind being used in New Hanover County.

UNCW Recycling now offers styrofoam recycling services with a new styrofoam densifier, the only one of its kind in New Hanover County. 


We recycle at UNCWRecycling is a state-mandated program to reduce waste and minimize impact on local landfills. But most of all, it is important for all of us to do! To be successful, every faculty, student and staff member needs to join the recycling team, and learn the three R's: Recycle, Re-use, and Reduce!

Recycle Properly: Recycled products are only recoverable when they are sorted properly.



Where Can I Recycle?

Drop off recyclables anytime at the Central Recycling Depot located on Lionfish Drive at the intersection of Lionfish and Plyler Drives. UNCW Recycling Depot is open to all University members as well as the public.

Bins and Receptacles are also located in all university buildings and residence halls.


What Can I Recycle?

E-Cycle your electronicsAt Bins and the Depot:
Plastic Bottles, glass bottles, aluminum cans, copier and computer paper (all sizes and colors), newsprint, magazines, lead-acid batteries, cardboard and pasteboard (please break down boxes), and electronics and wire (in the e-recycling bin at the Depot)

Toner Cartridges:
Call Warehouse Services at 910.962.3620 to request pick up of empty toner cartridges or drop them in the e-recycling bin

Tips: Other Ways to Recycle

  • Purchase products made of recycled materials
  • Print documents on both sides - better yet, use e-mails for drafts and inter-office exchanges!
  • File your e-mails electronically rather than printing them
  • Bicycle, carpool, or use the free Seahawk Shuttle bus instead of driving
  • Use re-usable boxes, or a bandana or handy towel to wrap gifts
  • Pack your lunch in re-usable containers
  • At home, compost or recycle yard waste
  • Share magazine subscriptions with neighbors, schools or child-care programs
  • Donate unused clothing to community groups