D.C. Virgo Preparatory Academy

Hopes and Dreams

The Design Team leaders spoke with current students at D.C. Virgo Preparatory Academy about the proposed lab school and their hopes and dreams for the future in August. Here’s what they said:

Students’ aspirations include becoming a...

Mechanical Engineer, Fashion Designer, Software Developer, Architect, Doctor, Mechanic, Forensic Anthropologist, Comic Book Writer, Veterinarian, Nuclear Engineer, Therapist, Chef

They plan to go to college and have sights set on…

Cape Fear Community College
Culinary School
Penn State
The Ivy League

When they go to high school the students plan to…

Learn a lot of new stuff
Stay on the right track
Leave immaturity behind
Get good grades so they can get into a good college and get a good job

Things they like about their school now…

It’s small, like family
Teachers are here to help them
The Preparatory Academy focuses on the present and the future
They learn about their history
It’s a good school

What they want from their teachers…

High expectations
Teachers who will let them keep learning beyond the curriculum
Hands-on, fun learning
Nice teachers who are also strict
Teachers who prepare them for the next step

What they hope the new school will provide…

Same, small family feel
Teachers who help them
Colorful walls! (The current walls are bland)