Vending Services

Snack & Beverage Vending

In between classes and don't have a lot of time? Stop by our numerous vending locations throughout both the Main Campus and CREST Campus and get a quick snack or beverage. UNCW also offers Healthy Vending as well. In an effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle the University offers healthier snacks and beverages for your consumption.

For your convenience we have Coke, Pepsi, Snack, Water and Healthy vending. Most locations accept Seahawk Buck$ and Food Dollars as well.

Locations Refunds Repairs SMS feedback line





For Cash refunds please see us at the One Card Office in the Warwick Center to ask for a refund. If the item is out of date please bring the item to the One Card office so that we can turn it into our vendor. Below is a map of the Warwick Center on the campus. There is designated 15 minute parking if you do not have a parking permit.

warwick center location

Refund Restrictions

  • $5 Limit per visit
  • $10 Maximum per person per academic year
  • 2 Week time limit to claim refund
  • We will not refund for multiple date transactions.  Please come to our office or notify us as soon as it happens and we will gladly refund your money.

Text Us

  • Times are a changing why not us? If you have an issue with a vending machine or you would like to give use some suggestions or comments we have worked with Mobile Ed to offer texting. If you have a repair issue, out of stock, or you just want to drop us a comment you can do it conveniently right at the machine! Do the following steps to send us a note.
  1. Open your phone's texting app and send a text to: 90947.
  2. In the message body type in Vending and then a space.
  3. The rest of the message you can type what you wish. If you are reporting an issue please keep in mind to include the following information:
    1. Building name and room number (If it is labeled).
      1. Need to know the room number? You can go to our Locations Page to find out.
    2. Is it a Coke, Pepsi, Snack or Healthy Vending machine?
    3. A bonus would be if you looked at the front or side of the machine and include the machine number.
  • It's that easy! Once we get your text (It will come to us as an email) we will notify the appropriate vendor if it is a repair issue. If it is a suggestion and you would like a reply back send us an email address in your message and we will promptly reply to your feedback.
  • If it is a refund please follow the normal refund procedure which is to go to the One Card Office in Warwick Center and ask the counter persons for one and they will give you a refund after you answer a few questions and they log it in.
  • Keep in mind that we work normal business hours (8 - 5 M-F) so if this is on the weekend or past 5 P.M. and you would like a return email we will reply to your inquiry the next business day.

News & Highlights

  • NEW! UNCW Names Miles Lackey Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs

    APRIL 10, 2018 - Miles Lackey has been named Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs at the University of North Carolina Wilmington following a national search, the university announced today. Lackey is a North Carolina native who will bring experience in higher education, private industry and political affairs to UNCW. (continue to full story)

  • UNCW's healthy vending program is highlighted in the WAY to Health News.
    UNCW is one of the 12 North Carolina colleges and universities invited to participate in the WAY to Health research study, with researchers from UNC Chapel Hill and RTI International.