University Relations

University Relations (OUR) - Media Production - Communications - Creative Services - Web Communications

OUR Team is Your Team

The Office of University Relations (OUR) serves as UNCW's hub for internal/external communications and marketing. OUR is committed to enhancing UNCW's brand awareness through engaging messaging, dynamic print and digital collateral, and vibrant videography and photography. OUR collaborates with faculty, staff, students, the community and the media to promote key university initiatives, research and achievements.

Janine Iamunno • chief communications officer
Kelly Baker • project specialist
Jesse Bradley • director of media production
Thomas Cone • graphic designer

Caroline Cropp • content & communications specialist

Lane Fullagar  • web specialist

Jennifer Glatt • editorial director
Jeff Janowski • photo services manager
Venita Jenkins • content & communications specialist
Tyler Keith-Pedersen • graphic designer
April Lepak • graphic designer
Molly McKeown • director of web communications
Krista McKinney • broadcast media specialist
Shirl New • art director
Bradley Pearce • broadcast media specialist

Kyle Prey • graphic designer

Tatum Rimmer • executive assistant 

Christina Schechtman • media relations specialist

Tricia Vance • content & communications specialist

Andrea Weaver • deputy director