University Relations

University Photography Policies

As a public university, UNC Wilmington will use staff-produced images of public campus life, events, ceremonies and other activities to advance the mission of the university.

Use of Photos

All photographs created by the University Relations staff are the property of UNC Wilmington and are available for non-commercial use by UNCW's students, faculty and staff and, with prior approval, off-campus media outlets and publications. Images should be credited as "UNCW/photographer's name" in all print and electronic publications.

Prohibited Uses of UNCW Photos

University photography may not be:

  • used for commercial gain
  • sold in part or in total
  • used as stock photography

Prior approval from UNCW Photo Services is required before any photograph is digitally altered in a manner that changes its editorial representation. Digitally altered photos must also be clearly identified as "photo illustrations."

For questions regarding the use of UNCW photographic images, please contact Photography Services.