University Relations

What’s New with SWOOP?

The OUR team is excited to kick off a new academic year by introducing some SWOOP enhancements, based on feedback we received along the way. (What are we missing? Tell us at Or tell us what you love, so we can be thinking along those lines for future refreshes!)

What’s new:

For your convenience, we have added links to the Faculty Senate and Staff Senate to the top navigation bar, for your ease in keeping up with each group's news, meeting notices, new initiatives, etc.

The section previously called “Kudos” is now “Hawk Highlights.” Though the name has changed, it will still showcase the timely achievements of faculty and staff each week. Be sure to submit individual or departmental achievements here!

Our new “Hottest Homepage Headlines”  section will feature three of the most-read news items from It’s another way of keeping you “in the know” in case you’re not able to check out the homepage as often as you’d like!

All announcements are now presented in a bulleted-list format for improved readability and navigation. 

As always, think of SWOOP when you want to share news with our campus. It is one of the many ways we can tell the UNCW story, and your help in doing so is invaluable.

Thanks for your continued support and have a fantastic year!