University Relations

media film on UNCW campus

Sharing Your News is OUR Business.

One key objective of the OUR team is to promote the vision and mission of UNCW via media outreach. It is important to understand that media receive hundreds, sometimes thousands, of pitches daily...and our office receives hundreds of story ideas each month. It's a bounty of riches, but here's how to help us help YOU.


Can you answer "yes" to at least two of the below questions? If so, please contact us with your story idea.

  • Does your news have broad appeal to more than one audience? Will it have a direct impact on them?
  • Is your news item happening in the coming weeks? The more lead time we have, the better!
  • Is it research that challenges old assumptions?
  • Does your item tie into a current event? If your event, research, news, etc., relates to something that is currently in the news, it allows us to add to that storyline, making your item more valuable to media.
  • Are there heartstrings or purse strings involved? Human interest pieces, grants and donations can all help garner media coverage.
  • Is there a visual component? Being able to offer a great image or video to run alongside a story boosts our chances
    of media interest.

What misses the mark?

  • News that has already been announced.
  • Workshops, conferences without widely known speakers or confirmed guests, or events that aren't open to the public.
  • Expected outcomes
    (versus confirmed outcomes).