University Relations

Emergency Communications Channels

The below channels may be utilized in the event of a campus or regional emergency. Please bookmark these pages for easy access in the event of an emergency:

  • Sirens: Five outdoor warning sirens (mechanical tone only).
  • The UNCW homepage: This is the official source, along with the university’s social media feeds, of emergency information and statements/responses from the university. Other units on campus may share information posted on the homepage and via these feeds. Please be sure you are relying on only official university messaging during emergency situations, and don’t assume something is accurate because you read about it on social media.
  • Emails to campus inboxes.
  • Phone calls and/or text messages sent via UNCWAlert. Information about the university’s emergency alerts distribution list can be found here; students are automatically included on this distribution list, but faculty and staff must opt in.
  • UNCW Social Media Channels: Please note that the UNCW Facebook page is often the fastest way for students, employees and parents to receive updates, along with campus emails to students and employees. This is because it’s sometimes the fastest communication channel for university officials to update, especially in the event of widespread weather event. UNCW Twitter and UNCW Instagram will often be utilized to supplement the messaging found on the UNCW Facebook page.
  • UNCWAlert is a special website devoted to emergency updates during long-term emergencies. Users who visit during an emergency will likely be directed to the UNCWAlert site for all the latest information.
  • The UNCW Alert hotline: 910.962.3991 or toll-free at 888.657.5751. The hotline is activated in certain situations,reflects information already available via the online resources listed here, and is meant to serve those who don’t have easy web access.