Upperman African American Cultural Center





Would you like to walk where the superheroes of the past stood tall to fight the batles no one person could? Check out our tour in the official Upperman Civil Rights Itinerary!



Look Back, But March Forward

This spring of 2019, the Upperman Center took five students on an alternative spring break trip that was as emotional as it was informative UNCW students toured the Civil Rights Trail corridor, visiting musuems, restaurants and churches in North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama. Students walked sites of civil rights tragedy and triumph and visited 17 different museums and churches that dealt with lynchings, youth protests, and the simaltaneous local and national movements that mirrored each other during the Civil Rights era of the 40's, 50's, 60's and beyond.

The trip was a part of larger offerings from Upperman to highlight the contributions of the Civil Rights Movement, and understand where we in the current day stand in the legacy of those before us. The seven day trip invited students to learn about the complexities around the musical, political and social experiences that led up up, were present during, and resulted out of the Civil Rights Movement