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ae2-3.jpgMarcus Kiser

IMG_6600.jpgJason Woodberry


Marcus Kiser and Jason Woodberry

“Marcus Kiser Jason Woodberry are fortunate to have found a shared intersection of philosophical beliefs, creative strengths, professional aspirations and personality compliments to form a successful collaborative. Our first foray into the fine art oeuvre is an exhibit entitled “Intergalactic Soul”


Through a shared interest in cosmic science fiction, Afro-Futurism and Hip-Hop lyrics they desire to continue a multidisciplinary dialogue driven by social, political and cultural messages. They envision a show that would engage, enliven and educate new audiences; making a significant contribution to this community while utilizing every resource made available to them in order to expand our individual and collective knowledge and abilities.


Intergalactic Soul is an art exhibition that brings science fiction and social awareness together as one. The artwork explores a cosmic sci-fi theme that’s driven by social, political and cultural undertones. Imagination meets consciousness to create an art show with a message for all to talk about and enjoy.”