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Who is Gemynii?

Gemynii is a self taught artist who mainly works with painting. She is also a poet, art instructor, writer, and community activist. Her paintings focus mainly on abstract portraits of people of color and is influenced heavily by social issues, music, body and gender acceptance, and the over all Black experience. Her work can often render audiences uncomfortable, forcing them to critically think about blackness, representation and the body in a white supremacist capitalist patriarchal society and within the contemporary art world.

Gemynii currently lives and works in Durham. She is currently a member of the Durham Artists Movement aka DAM. In early 2013 she began to formally exhibit her work locally. Since that time she has showcased her work in various venues up such as Pitch Media Gallery, The Market Street Coffeehouse, Durham's People's Channel, Duke University Hospital, Golden Belt, Winston Salem State University, The Brooklyn Swirl, Blue Coffee Cafe, and Busboys & Poets, Apache Cafe, and City of Ink.

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