Upperman African American Cultural Center


Eye Speak

FRANCO // Visual Activist

Art allows me to transform my illustrations and graphic designs into social commentary and I am a more passionate, more serene, more balanced, happier, more productive and more satisfied man because of it. I am an artist who has gone beyond the canvas, the core of my formal training, in order to pay respect to my inspirations—music, equal rights movements, and popular culture. My use of bright colors and the iconic fist pick, symbols of revolution and progress, grace the pages of my art, as I master my craft. I am an artist, whose work is a tangerine thread, nourishing the soul, making my art distinct, yet relatable to many.

I hope that my art will let those who view it relax. By finding an ironic comfort in my use of bold lines and bright colors, my art is designed to gently, but vigorously liberate minds from the bonds of conventional thinking.

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