Students at UNCW

First-Year Seminar Requirement 

Types of First-Year Seminar

Additional Information

  • Students who completed and passed UNI 101 while enrolled in the Isaac Bear Early College High School have met this requirement.
  • Students must enroll in UNI 101 during their first semester at UNCW.
  • Students who drop or withdraw from UNI 101 must take the course during the following spring semester.
  • Students who fail UNI 101 must repeat the course during the following spring semester. Because UNI 101 is required for graduation, students must repeat this course, even if they have used all of their course repeats.
  • Students who fail HON 110 must take UNI 101 the following spring semester to meet the University Studies requirement. This does not serve as a course repeat.
  • Under the course repeat policy, students who earn a C- or below in UNI 101 may retake the course. This must be done in the spring semester after they have taken the course for the first time.
  • Students who fail UNI 101 more than twice must meet with the Director of University College to determine how this requirement will be met.
  • UNI 201 Transfer Seminar is not a University Studies requirement. This course is an optional elective course for transfer students. 

Waiver of First-Year Seminar Requirement

Students who meet any of the following conditions will be waived from the UNI 101 requirement:

  • Transfer students
  • Re-enrolling students who have returned to UNCW and have 27 hours of academic credit, including both UNCW and transfer credit
  • The Director of University College will determine if an academically ineligible re-instated student needs to meet this requirement.