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Study Abroad and University Studies

Studying abroad encompasses a wide variety of experiences, including the traditional classroom experience as well as applied-learning settings, such as internships, practica, service-learning and research. If you will be earning academic credit abroad, then you are studying abroad!

To use your Study Abroad experience to fulfill the Explorations Beyond the Classroom (EBC) requirement (it will clear you of the requirement, but you will not receive additional credit hours), you should first create an ePortfolio in Digication (selecting the Study Abroad template). Then, you should email the Director of University Studies (Dr. Don Bushman, bushmand@uncw.edu) that you will be submitting a Study Abroad ePortfolio, and send him your ID number. Before you leave, you will reflect on your expectations in the first section of the page; when you return, you'll reflect on your experiences while abroad and what you learned from your study abroad experience. You will submit that assignment in Digication, which will automatically notify Dr. Bushman to review your ePortfolio so that you receive EBC credit.

Instructional Video on Creating, Editing and Submitting your Study Abroad ePortfolio

How to create your Study Abroad ePortfolio

  1. Go to uncw.digication.com and click on the login button
  2. Enter your UNCW username and the password
  3. Click on the green + symbol to create an ePortfolio
  4. Name your Study Abroad ePortfolio using your first name, last name, and "Study Abroad"
  5. Click on the image for "Study Abroad- Template" and then click the “create” button

How to edit the Study Abroad page of your ePortfolio

  1. On the top of your Study Abroad ePortfolio, move the toggle switch to "edit" mode if it is in "published" mode
  2. Under the "Involvement" tab, click on the "Study Abroad" page, where you will see three slides (images of a compass, sky, and flags)
  3. Click anywhere around the textbox of the slide you want to complete, and an options bar will appear. Click on the pencil icon.
  4. Type your reflections into the box and delete the instructions when you are done (if you click outside the box, those changes will automatically be saved)

What to address in your reflections before, during, and after your Study Abroad

1. On the first slide (of the compass), before you leave to study abroad, write three paragraphs reflecting on the following questions:

- Why have you chosen to study abroad?
- What do you expect to learn during your educational experience abroad?
- What are your personal and academic goals that you would like to accomplish while abroad?

2. On the second slide (of the sky), which can be completed while abroad or after you return, in the box on the right, upload images, videos, or a multimedia project documenting your international experience.

In the box on the left,write several paragraphs explaining the work (coursework, research, internship, etc.) you did while studying abroad, as well as the connections you were able to make between your coursework at UNCW and your international experience.

3. On the third slide (of the flags), you should write a longer reflection (of five paragraphs) where you critically reflect on your expectations prior to going abroad and the work you did while abroad. Briefly re-read your reflection from slides one and two, and address the following questions:

  • What specific steps did you take in order to attain the goals you had prior to departure?
  • What were the most significant challenges and how did you address them? What factors made you more effective?
  • In what ways did your attempts to attain your goals proceed as expected, based on your earlier understanding, and in what ways were you surprised?
  • How did this experience reveal your own attitudes or biases toward other people? Have you made changes or do you need to make changes based on these insights?

How to Submit your ePortfolio to University Studies

  1. Click on the menu in the top right corner, and click on "Publish This Page"
  2. Click on the menu in the top right corner, and then click on "Submit to Course"
  3. You should submit your Study Abroad page to the "Study Abroad ePortfolio" assignment

Dr. Bushman will receive a notification that you have submitted your Study Abroad ePortfolio, review it and then contact the Registrar’s Office to clear you of the Explorations Beyond the Classroom requirement!

Feel free to rename and build on your ePortfolio after you have received credit for your study abroad! To learn more about ePortfolios, or view other videos about how to customize your ePortfolio, visit our ePortfolio webpage at: www.uncw.edu/eportfolio

Student Learning Outcomes for Explorations Beyond the Classroom

  1. EBC 1: Students will be able to articulate their expectations, the purpose, and/or the goals of the experience in terms of their personal educational development.
  2. EBC 2: Students will synthesize knowledge drawn from their coursework to address the issues/challenges/questions involved in the experience.
  3. EBC 3: Students will be able to communicate the impact or significance on their personal educational experience and on others in the profession or in the field at the conclusion of the experience.