Student with Advisor

How to Find Your Academic Advisor

Use one of the two ways below to find out your academic advisor, who is typically assigned after your Orientation session. If you have declared your major, contact your major department to find out who your advisor is. Otherwise, contact University College at (910) 962-3245 or if you have not yet declared your major.

Find your Advisor through SeaNet

  1. Log onto SeaNet. Please note that your username is your 850 student ID number and your password is your birthday.
  2. In SeaNet, click the Student Services and Financial Aid tab.
  3. Click on the first button that says Registration.
  4. Click on Advisor Information.
  5. In the drop down box, select the appropriate semester and year.
  6. Click submit. Your advisor's name, office location, phone number, and email will be displayed.

Find your Advisor through the Degree Audit

  1. To run a degree audit, follow the instructions.
  2. The name of your academic advisor will be noted near the top of the Degree Audit.