University Studies Curriculum (Beginning Fall 2017)

New Student Learning Outcomes Adopted for Information Literacy (starting Fall 2021)

In Spring 2021, new Information Literacy Student Learning Outcomes were approved by the USAC and Faculty Senate. These new SLOs are effective for new Information Literacy course proposals beginning in AY 21-22. Because the newly-adopted ongoing review of the curriculum eliminates the need for an extensive recertification process, existing IL courses will need to incorporate the new SLOs by the time of the next IL component review (currently scheduled for AY 23-24).

Common Student Learning Outcome Adopted for Oral Communication Intenstive Courses (starting Fall 2020)

In April 2020, the University Studies Advisory Committee voted to adopt the following common SLO for all oral communication intensive courses:

The student will create and evaluate oral messages that demonstrate effective and ethical management of content, organization, and delivery for given audiences and situations.


Curricular Changes (starting Fall 2017) - click here for a PDF

The faculty senate adopted many of the recommendations made by the University Studies Advisory Committee to streamline and simplify the curriculum. You can read the entire 2016 USAC report or a summary of the changes. This page provides guidelines and required Student Learning Outcomes for each of the categories.

Foundations (14-20 hours)

•First Year Seminar
•World Languages and Cultures
•Mathematics and Statistics

Approaches and Perspectives (28-31 hours)

•Aesthetic, Interpretive and Literary Approaches
•Historical and Philosophical Approaches
•Scientific Approaches to the Natural World
•Understanding Human Institutions and Behaviors
•Living in Our Diverse Nation
•Living in a Global Society

Explorations Beyond the Classroom (1 approved experience)

•Applied Learning Course
•Study Abroad

Competencies (21 hours)

•Informational Literacy
•Writing Intensive
•Critical Reasoning