University Learning Center

ULC Appointment Attendance Policy

Academic Achievement Mentors, Tutoring Services tutors, Writing Center tutors, and some Math Services tutors work with tutees by appointment, often coming to the University Learning Center (ULC) just for your appointment. If you miss your appointment, the tutor's time and effort are wasted. Additionally, other students are unable to take advantage of these tutor availabilities. Our tutors are committed to the tutoring process, and they want to assist you, so respect their efforts by observing the ULC Attendance policy:

  • Cancellations: Cancellation of ULC appointments must be made online as soon as possible and, at the latest, 24 hours before the appointment. cancel an appointment
  • Sunday Cancellations: Because the ULC is closed on Saturdays, all Sunday cancellations MUST be made one of two ways:
    • Cancel by phoning the ULC Front Desk by 4:30pm Friday [910-962-7857] OR
    • Cancel online 24 hours in advance. cancel an appointment
  • Missed Appointments: If you fail to cancel your appointment 24 hours before, it will be counted as a missed appointment.
  • Late Arrival:  Arriving late by 15 minutes (or more) will result in the immediate cancellation of your appointment and will be counted as a missed appointment
  • Removal from Tutoring: Missed appointments, a pattern of cancellations, or an unwillingness to engage in the learning process will result in your removal from ALL ULC scheduled appointments for the rest of the semester.
  • Be Present: You must be present for a majority of the hour in order for your time to be counted as a complete session.