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Student Perspective

Student Perspective

This website provides insight into the screens that students see and how students complete certain processes at the university.

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  • How do Students Register for Courses?
  • How do Students Declare Their Major?
  • How do Students Access Their E-Bill?

    Students sign into the to the E-Bill platform to view their bill.

    E-Bill Login

  • What do the Headings Mean on the Registration Page?


    CRN-Course Registration Number (similar to a barcode for the class)

    Subj-Subject-Subject of the Course

    CRSE-Course Number-Specific numbering of the course

    Sec-Section-Each course number is divided into sections. Each section has a different day, time, professor, or location.

    Cmp-Campus-M is for Main Campus, EXT is for Extension Campus (usually an online class)

    Cred-Credit Hours-Number of credits a student will achieve in that class (typically 3 credit hours)

    Title-Title of Course

    Days-M stands for Monday, T stands for Tuesday, W stands for Wednesday, R stands for Thursday, F stands for Friday

    Time-Time in which the course takes place

    Seats Rem-Seats Remaining

    WL Cap-Waitlist Capacity-Most amount of students who can waitilist

    WL Act-Waitlist Actual-Number of students currently on waitlist

    WL Rem-Waitlist Remaining-Remaining seats available on Waitlist

    Reserved Rem-Reserved Seats Remaining-Number of Reserved Seats for Orientation remaining

    Instructor-Professor teaching course

    Dates-Dates the class begins and ends

    Session-Full-Term is the typical wording listed, the class lasts the entire semester.

    Location-Where the class takes place

    Attribute-How the class counts for University Studies or within the major

  • How do Students Run a Degree Audit?