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Seahawk LEADS (Leadership, Empowerment, Academic Development and Success) is a new initiative at UNCW designed to support incoming, first-year students to promote student success through engagement. The Office of Undergraduate Studies, University College and the Division of Students Affairs has designed a program to connect students with a faculty or staff member to provide additional support as they transition into UNCW. Our campus is strong because of the commitment to building and fostering community.

Program Mission 

To promote student success by increasing student engagement in our campus community through opportunities to develop personal leadership skills, explore academic majors and careers, and provide service to the Seahawk community.


To build upon a campus environment where all UNCW students can feel supported and encouraged to continue their education.   

Program Goals 

  • To foster a sense of belonging to the UNCW Community 
  • To help build strong mentor-mentee relationships 
  • To connect students with campus resources and academic support

Who can become a mentor? 

Any current faculty or staff member looking to support first year students can become a mentor.  

Who can become a mentee? 

Freshman students can become a mentee. The program is designed to help strengthen their connections to UNCW.

What are the benefits of becoming a mentor?  

Mentors gain personal fulfillment through assisting new students with their adjustment to a new university setting. Mentors help build community with students outside of the classroom and support students with academic and/or social transitions. By referring students to campus and community resources, mentors strengthen student’s connections to UNCW.  

What are the benefits of becoming a mentee? 

Studies show that students with mentors positively adjust to college, are more likely to graduate, have a greater overall satisfaction with their college experience, increase their self-efficacy and perceived confidence in their ability, and fare better on other key measures of college success than students who lack mentoring connections. 

How will I be matched with my mentee/mentor? 

Connections are made after profiles have been reviewed. A program coordinator will look to match areas of support that mentors can provide to each mentee. Mentors and mentees have the opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship that promotes personal and academic growth that may continue beyond the time frame of the program.

What are some examples of activities I can do with my mentee/mentor?

Mentors and mentees are encouraged to participate in UNCW campus events together related to leadership, major and career exploration, and community service. University College will email a newsletter each month highlighting activities. Some examples include:

  • Monthly Chancellor’s Leadership Series
  • Involvement Carnival
  • Academic Majors and Minor Fair
  • Heart Walk
  • Adopt a Family/Angel Tree Collection

Stay tuned for monthly newsletters. See the link below for a sample list of all Fall 2017 events and dates.

How can I join the program?

Please click on the link below if you are interesting in signing up for the program.

To sign up to become a MENTEE, complete the form below!

MENTEE Interest Form

To sign up to become a MENTOR, complete the form below!

MENTOR Interest Form

For more information, please feel free to contact one of the program coordinators.

Program Coordinators







Mr. Keryn Vickers

Academic Advisor in University College

Ms. Pat Leonard 

Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

Dr. Paul Townend 

Associate Vice Chancellor & Dean of Undergraduate Studies