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Be a UNI 201 Peer Mentor

UNI 201 Peer Mentors are UNCW students who assist incoming transfer students in UNI 201 with their first-semester transition into UNCW. Peer Mentors serve as role models and mentors to these students through interactions and behaviors inside and outside of the UNI 201 classroom. Peer Mentors share their student experiences and tips for success, refer students to campus resources, facilitate students' connecting to campus, and assist in other student concerns and needs.

Peer Mentor Qualifications

  • Previously transferred to UNCW from another college, university or from the military.
  • Is a successful enrolled UNCW student who maintains good academic standing (2.5 preferred).
  • Is knowledgeable about UNCW culture, academic departments, and campus resources.
  • Is sensitive to issues of diversity and difference.
  • Is confident in verbal communication and presenting to a group.
  • Is committed to learning, understanding differences, and making a positive impact in the community.
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude and an open-mind.
  • Has effective writing skills.
  • Functions as an effective member of a team.
  • Shows enthusiasm for Transfer Seminar, UNCW, and all faculty, staff, students, and departments.
  • Has an interest in the development of students and is committed to his/her personal and academic growth.
  • Must be a full-time student during the semester
  • Must maintain good disciplinary standing (being found responsible for a violation of the Student Code of Life or University Honor code constitutes termination)
  • Must fulfill all Transfer Peer Mentor responsibilities including attendance at all mandatory meetings, trainings, and programs