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First-Year Seminar

About UNI 101

The purpose of the First-Year Seminar (FYS) is to support new students as they integrate into UNCW and into the college experience. This highly interactive classroom fosters a sense of community, with no more than 25 first-year students per class, and offers an environment conducive to academic and personal development.

Through readings, discussions, assignments, and out-of-class activities, students will apply and develop effective academic and personal strategies; hone critical thinking, writing, and oral presentation skills; engage in academic major and career exploration; and become familiar with the expectations of the university as well as campus resources.

As a three-credit required course in the University Studies curriculum, the First-Year Seminar reflects a commitment to ethical and intellectual development and to promoting the growth of well-informed, creative, literate members of society. FYS is taught by UNCW faculty, staff, and administrators who are dedicated to first-year student learning and success.

Results from the 2006 National Survey on First-Year Seminars show that first-year seminar courses contribute to persistence to sophomore year and graduation, improved peer connections, increased use of campus resources and involvement in campus activities, and increased academic abilities and grade-point averages (National Resource for the First-Year Experience and Students in Transition).

Goals of FYS

  • Students will develop knowledge and habits contributing to academic persistence and success.
  • Students will develop an appreciation for the value of human differences and diverse ideas.
  • Students will develop fundamental Information Literacy skills.
  • Students will explore education, career, and life-long learning goals.

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Transfer and Military Seminar

About UNI 201

UNI 201: Transfer Seminar is designed to support transfer students in transitioning to campus and optimizing their UNCW experience. Critical thinking, informational literacy skills, discussion, and group collaboration are emphasized as students focus on topics that are important to transfer student success and college success in general. The course aims to cultivate a sense of belonging, promote engagement and involvement, help students develop academic strategies, explore majors and career pathways, and progress towards graduation.

Transfer Seminar is a three credit hour elective seminar-style course that fulfills three hours of writing intensive and three hours of information literacy competency requirements within University Studies.

Goals of UNI 201

  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of and participate in the powerful learning expertise of higher education at UNCW.
  • Student will evaluate their transition into, anticipate their path through, and plan for their career after UNCW.
  • Students will understand and illustrate information literacy.
  • Students will strengthen writing skills by creating a research and reflection based Transfer Portfolio.
  • Students will demonstrate self-knowledge and appreciate the value of human differences.
  • Students will demonstrate and understand dimensions of health and wealth.