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Major Requirements

UNCW offers over 60 majors from 5 different colleges. For a list of all UNCW majors with entrance requirements, visit

Even if you have earned your Associate's Degree, it doesn't necessarily mean that you only have two more years of college left. There are some majors that require a separate admissions process, prerequisite courses, and/or a tight sequence of courses. Therefore, it may be appropriate for you to begin major coursework in the Fall. Majors also differ in the amount of credit hours required for that particular major. For instance, 39 hours are required towards a Criminology degree, 66 hours are required for many Business degrees, and 70 hours are required towards the Biology degree. Therefore, if you have plans to double major (or minor), it will take additional hours and could add up to more than 124 hours, taking additional time. Students should also consider the credit hours of majors when researching potential majors.

Students are encouraged to research and explore their majors early so that they can work towards these sequences and admission requirements, if applicable. Advisors can assist students in this process and are familiar with all majors at UNCW.