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Withdrawing Before Deadline

A student may drop any or all courses without academic penalty through the end of the first week of the semester. Inclusive of the second through the seventh week of the semester, any student who withdraws from the university or from individual courses will receive a grade of "W" for the first 16 credit hours of course withdrawal. A grade of "W" will not affect the student's grade point average. Beginning with the eighth week of the semester, a grade of "WF" will be assigned for each course withdrawal and will count as GPA hours. If a student is suspended after the deadline for withdrawal with a "W," each instructor shall assign a grade of "WF" or "W" based on the student's academic performance prior to the suspension. Excluding course withdrawals due to extenuating circumstances, which will be denoted on the transcript by a grade of "WE," students are limited to a maximum of 16 hours of full course withdrawals. Partial withdrawals will not be allowed. After the initial 16 credit hour threshold has been met, students will be required to remain in the course and subject to the grade earned at the conclusion of the semester.

A student may withdraw from an individual class or classes through the seventh week of classes, via SeaNet or by reporting to the Office of the Registrar before or on the last day for withdrawal, as indicated in the university calendar. Students attending summer sessions need to be cognizant that the withdrawal period in summer may be only one or two days. Therefore, summer school students should carefully note the last day to withdraw from classes as found in the summer school university calendar at

Before withdrawing, students should consider all of the implications:

  • Will it drop me from full-time student status?
  • Will it negatively impact my financial aid? Scholarships? Insurance?
  • Will it impact my plans for graduation?

Students are urged to discuss this decision with their academic advisor and, if applicable, their financial aid counselor.

After the last day of registration and add/drop, students may withdraw from individual classes through SeaNet. 

The Complete Term (all classes) Withdrawal request is located in My Seaport and must be submitted by the deadline indicated in the university calendar. Click here for instructions.

If you feel your withdrawal is due to extenuating circumstances beyond your control, please contact your academic Associate Dean. Documented extenuating circumstances may include: death of an immediate family member; traumatic and unforeseen circumstances which are considered beyond a student’s control; serious emotional instability, physical injury or illness which has resulted in the student’s inability to complete academic responsibilities in a given term. Students should note that poor standing in a course does not constitute an extenuating circumstance in and of itself. Courses withdrawn with extenuating circumstances are not included in the maximum withdrawal threshold. For additional information regarding this process, reference your academic catalog

For questions, contact the Dean of Students' Office.
For instructions on how to process a 
Complete Term Withdrawal, 

Withdrawing After Deadline

Withdrawing after the deadline results in a "WF" for the course, which counts in your GPA as an "F." The course will also be counted in your attempted hours. A "WF" can be replaced if you repeat the course.