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Withdrawing For Extenuating Circumstances


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What is an extenuating circumstance?

 A Withdrawal for Extenuating Circumstances is an option for students who are unable to complete their coursework for an academic term due to a situation that may include, but not be limited to:

  • Death of an immediate family member
  • Traumatic and unforeseen circumstances that are considered beyond a student’s control
  • Serious mental health issues that have resulted in the student’s inability to complete academic responsibilities in a given term
  • Physical injury or illness that has resulted in the student’s inability to complete academic responsibilities in a given term

Students should note that poor academic performance in a course does not constitute an extenuating circumstance in and of itself. Withdrawals due to extenuating circumstances are still subject to all financial aid and SAP rules and calculations.

What are the steps to request a Withdrawal for Extenuating Circumstances?

1. Submit the online request to Withdraw for Extenuating Circumstances. Complete all parts of the online application. See link below. 

2. Email any documentation that supports the extenuating circumstances (i.e. Medical provider statement, CARE, Crossroads, Police Report, Obituaries) to See link below.

Students are emailed the decision and their academic advisor is copied on the correspondence. Students are encouraged to work with their academic advisor should they need additional academic support.

Can I pursue individual course withdrawals?

In most cases, the answer is no. Students typically cannot select individual classes when petitioning for an extenuating circumstance withdrawal. However, there are times when something would be appropriate (i.e. breaking your leg and no longer being able to attend a dance class). Documentation that clarifies and supports individual class withdrawals are required. Please see your academic advisor if you have questions about extenuating circumstances that pertain to only one course.

When does the request and any supporting documentation for Extenuating Circumstances need to be received?

The online request with supporting documentation must be made as soon as possible after circumstances requiring the withdrawal. At the latest, by the last day of classes in the semester following the one for which the withdrawal is requested.

If I am approved for a Withdrawal for Extenuating Circumstances, will it appear on my academic transcript?

Yes. Once your petition has been approved, a WE will be reflected on your transcript.

My request to Withdraw for Extenuating Circumstances was denied. Can I appeal this decision?

In cases where the request is denied, the student may submit, within ten regular class days of the dated decision, a written request for consideration with supporting documentation to the Committee on Withdrawal Appeals. Grounds for appeals are limited to substantive new evidence or material procedural irregularity. All decisions made by the Committee on Withdrawal Appeals are final.

Online Application

(To be filled out by UNCW student. For questions or concerns please call UC main office - (910) 962-3245).

Request to Withdraw for Extenuating Circumstances

Supporting Documentation

Withdrawal for Extenuating Circumstances Medical Documentation (PDF)

Please send this (pdf) form to