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Academic Standing

What You Should Know About Your Grades

You can view your grades on SeaNet by logging in, clicking Student Services and Financial Aid, choosing Student Records and then Final Grades. You can access grades by semester by selecting a term, or click to view all grades.

Students can view grades as they are posted. Instructors enter them at different times. Students will be able to see their GPA on their academic transcript in SeaNet. GPAs are finalized a few days after grades are posted in SeaNet.

Paper grades are not mailed home. Parents cannot have access to a student's educational records without their written permission, according to the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Learn more about FERPA. Students can authorize the university to release personally identifiable from their educational record to certain individuals by completing Student Consent to Release Educational Records under FERPA form.

Quality Hours means only hours taken at UNCW. Only hours taken at UNCW are used compute the GPA. This includes courses in which the student received grades of "A" through "F" or "WF." However, if a student withdrew from a course within the withdrawal deadline and received a "W," those hours are not used in the GPA calculation.

Transfer Hours means hours earned at institutions other than UNCW that have been accepted by the Office of Admissions for credit towards a UNCW degree. A student must have earned a "C" or better in order for a course to transfer to UNCW.

Class Standing

The required number of hours passed for each classification is as follows:

Less than 30 semester hours credit - Freshman
From 30-59 semester hours credit - Sophomore
From 60-89 semester hours credit - Junior
More than 89 semester hours credit - Senior

What You Should Know About Academic Standing

Dean's List

To be included in the Dean's List at the end of each semester, students must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Students carrying 12-14 hours must earn a GPA of 3.50 or better, with no grade less than a B
  • Students carrying 15 hours or more must earn a GPA of 3.20 or better, with no grade less than a B
  • Students participating in the Honors Program carrying 12-14 hours, but are not receiving a grade for the current semester of honors work, shall be eligible if their GPA for the remaining 9-11 hours meets current standards

Please note that Pass/Fail hours are not used in the calculation of Dean's List and that students carrying 11 hours or fewer are not eligible for Dean's List.

Academic Probation

Effective fall 2014, applicable to all students

An undergraduate is automatically placed on academic probation when the cumulative GPA drops below 2.0 or if the undergraduate does not meet the standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

  • Students who fall within the academic probation category at the end of any semester will be limited to enrolling in no more than 14 hours in the following semester.
  • Satisfactory academic progress is generally defined as completing 67% of all attempted hours (excluding transfer hours) towards the completion of his or her degree program. This is determined by dividing the number of credit hours successfully completed, defined as having earned a D- or better, by the total number of credit hours actually attempted.
  • When a student is placed on academic probation, it is the responsibility of the student to arrange regular meetings with his or her academic advisor or department chair/director to consider specific academic intervention strategies.

Students should refer to the Scholarship and Financial Aid (OSFA) section related to Policy on Return of Title IV Funds for information about how academic probation impacts financial aid eligibility.

Students should contact their Academic Advisor immediately to arrange an appointment prior to the start of the semester. Advisors can assist by readjusting their class schedules, completing any necessary forms, and referring them to appropriate UNCW resources designed to assist in achieving academic goals.

At the conclusion of the second semester, a student's cumulative GPA must be at a 2.0. If these standards are not met, students will be declared academically ineligible to return to the University. Students declared ineligible are allowed to make up deficiencies during the summer sessions. Ineligiblity can be removed only at UNCW.

Below 1.0

If a student's GPA for a semester is below 1.0, the student will be dismissed from the University, based on academic policy. A student can appeal to return to UNCW and, if the appeal is granted, they will be allowed to return under specific conditions.

Students should contact their Academic Advisor immediately and look for an email from University College at the end of the semester. The email will outline the steps they must take in order for their appeal to be reviewed.

Please note that there are strict deadlines associated with the appeal process.

0.0 GPA

Full-time students who earn a 0.0 GPA in any semester will be dismissed from the University and will not be permitted to enroll for two consecutive regular semesters.

Students who fall into this category will be able to attend summer school at UNCW with the submission of a re-enrollment application. If academic eligibility is achieved over the summer, the student will be allowed to return for the fall semester.

Students who have been academically dismissed for the first time may seek an administrative review of mitigating circumstances for possible authorization to enroll in the following semester under an academic contract.

Academic Dismissal

A suspended student may apply for re-enrollment. Re-enrollment is contingent upon the results of a formal Re-Enrollment Review. Information about the re-enrollment process and forms are available online and at the Office of the Registrar.