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What is Registration?

Registration Advising is the period of time in the semester during which currently-enrolled students sign up for the next semester's courses. For Spring Registration, students may sign up for both summer sessions as well as the fall semester.

For Fall Registration, students usually meet with their advisors after fall break and pre-register during the first or second week of November. For Spring Registration, students usually meet with their advisors after spring break and register during the last week of March of the first week of April.

Students can make an appointment with their advisor at this link.

What is Registration Advising?

UNC Wilmington requires that all students meet with their academic advisors before they can register for courses. Your academic advisor will give you a special PIN that will allow you to use SeaNet to register. It is important to meet with your advisor even if you have planned your course selections already.

Each semester, your assigned academic advisor will review your Degree Audit, a computer print-out showing what University Studies requirements you still have to complete before graduation. After you declare a major, the Degree Audit will also reflect your major requirements. Your advisor will answer questions, discuss progress in currently enrolled courses, and check the appropriateness of courses selected for the following semester.