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Chrome River

Chrome River is an electronic travel system that was developed to handle  all travel and  check request  for the University's Faculty, Staff, Students, and Non-Employees. The system allows you to create pre-approval and expense reports, send electronic notifications and includes electronic approvals for all payments. You can access Chrome River  by logging onto my seaport and clicking on the admin tab.

Whose travel can be entered into Chrome River?

Chrome River handles  traveled for all types of travelers: Employees, Students, Non-Employees, Independent Contractors and Student Group Travel with a Faculty/Staff Member attending. Employee travel consists of any Faculty or Staff that is on UNCW payroll (current job assignment in Banner HR) and that has an active UNCW email account. Also, any students that are on UNCW payroll with a current job assignment should be entered in as a student employee. Students consist of any UNCW student (not on payroll) that is currently enrolled at our University. Students can not enter their own travel into the system. They are only allowed to approve the travel as a traveler. Student Group Travel can only happen when there is a Faculty or Staff Member leading the travel. This means that the Faculty or Staff Member will be responsible for all the travel expenses for the students and the students will not be reimbursed for any expenses. If the student group meets all these requirements you will create a travel pre-approval under student group using the Employee's name in Chrome River.

Chrome River Training & Guides

There are several different ways to obtain information and training for Chrome River. In Chrome River you will find a help section the top right which you can watch Tutorials. Under this tab there are multiple tutorials including voice audio to demonstrate how Chrome River  works.  We also offer Chrome River  classroom training. This class consists of creating a travel pre-approval and expense report. Please see the training schedule for the next class offered. We currently are updating the classes you can access on Skillport.

UNCW Building with snow on itWhere does the information in Chrome River come from?

The travelers information shown in the payee section is pulled from Banner Accounts Payable Address.   So if any of this information needs updating please contact Sydney Ellers or submit a new vendor form to update the address information.  The budget authority showing for a fund is pulled from what is listed in Banner as email 1. If you have a budget authority that is incorrect please complete the Banner Fund Change Form and submit to General Accounting. This form can be found on General Accounting's Website. The Supervisor's information that is seen for each employee is from the Maintain Supervisor System. If there is a supervisor listed incorrectly or the position has changed for an employee this will need to be updated. In order to get this information updated you will need to contact your Divisional Representative listed below.

  • Academic Affairs - Liz Lee
  • Business Affairs - Sydney Ellers Vann
  • Chancellor - Ann Freeman
  • Student Affairs - Eric Simon
  • University Advancement - Jennifer Groves

How does Chrome River work?

When you create a Travel Pre-Approval you will notice that there is a 12 digit report number and a report name that you can identify the Pre-Approval by.  In Banner the number will start with a T and the last seven digits of the pre-approval report number from Chrome River.When selecting the pre-approval you will need to select the type of travel that the pre-approval is for: employee, student employee, non-employee, student, student group, team travel, and independent contractor.  The people that have access to edit a travel are the traveler, and any delegates set up for that traveler.  The pre-approval should include all expenses that the traveler will be expecting to incure during the trip.  This amount will be encumbered in the fund used on the pre-approval.  If there are expense that need to be prepaid an expense report should be created after the pre-approval has been submitted.  An expense report will also have to be completed for any expense paid directly by the university such as agency airfare, local lodging and rental cars that were charged to the credit card.  Once this has been approved by everyone the travel agency will receive approval from the travel office. You should never give approval to the agency to purchase a ticket.   When the trip is over all expenses that the traveler needs to be reimbursed for should be added to an expense report and attached to the pre-approval and submitted for approval.