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Authorization and reimbursements for official University business-related travel are processed by the Travel Office. This office has the responsibility of administering the University's policies and procedures for travel and determining final approval of all payments for travel. The Travel Office audits all travel payments for completeness, correct documentation and conformance to the state travel regulations.


The Travel Office is located on the 2nd Floor of the Administrative Annex Building at 622 N MacMillan Ave.
Fax Number: 27006
Campus Box Number: 5660

Assistance - All travelers and administrative personnel should be aware of the travel rules and regulations stated in the Policies and Procedures. Please refer questions to the following people.

Travel & Direct Pay Office Contacts

Travel & Expense Office Contacts


Deborah Jewell 


Travel & Direct Pay Manager


All Information

 Kellie Smith

Kellie Smith 


Travel Card Specialist


Chrome River Travel

Visa Travel Card

Enterprise & Maupin Booking Tool Setup

Enterprise, Maupin & Local Hotel Charges



Wanda Lerch 


Travel Specialist


Chrome River Travel


3rd Party Lodging



Lesley McCoy 


Travel & Direct Pay Specialist


Maupin & Local Hotel Authorizations

Travel Liquidations

Non-Employee/Student Traveler Setup in Chrome River

 Marykent McIntyre

Marykent McIntyre 


Direct Pay Specialist


Direct Pay Invoice Requests