UNCW Transportation

Shuttle at Teal Terminal (Fisher University Union)

Teal Terminal

Teal Terminal is UNCW's main stop for on and off campus shuttles. Located at the Fisher University Union, the Teal Terminal provides shuttle riders with on-screen visuals for shuttle locations and student organization announcements.

Quick Links

Live Shuttle Map

real time bus map

Student Organization Advertisement System

If your Student Organization would like to be featured at Teal Terminal please complete the online submission form.

Emergency Alert System

Teal Terminal has a scroll bar feature on the estimated time of arrival screen, to alert students and the campus community about any emergency or safety issue. The scroll bar will also alert riders to any maintenance issues with the shuttles, or if a shuttle is delayed on a route due to unforeseen matters.

Why Should I Use A Shuttle?

Teal Terminal saves MoneySave Money

Don't use your own money and resources. You can use any Wilmington or UNCW Wave Shuttle for FREE just by showing your active UNCW One Card to the driver. Remember to keep the shuttle schedules in mind when planning to sit back, relax and ride - all while saving money!

Teal Terminal Saves TimeSave Time

Every person on a shuttle is one less car on the road. By riding the shuttle, traffic congestion on and around campus is reduced dramatically. Do you need a few extra minutes to finish your reading for class or review of for a test? Take the wave and use that time on the road for yourself.

Teal Terminal Saves the PlanetThe Environment

Riding the shuttles is a great way to lessen your environmental impact. The fewer people who use their cars on a daily basis, the smaller our carbon footprint will be here at UNCW. Students are also able to take a bike or skateboard on the shuttles to get from their shuttle stop to their class. Read more about UNCW Sustainability.