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Image of Hawk Wheels Bike Shop in the Hub

Hawk Wheels Bike Shop

The Hawk Wheels Bike Shop is a self-service bike shop geared towards educating cyclists on repairing and maintaining their own bicycle. With just about any tool one would need to repair their bike, students, faculty, and staff can come into the shop and be assisted by a Hawk Wheels Operative to repair their bike. Parts such as tubes, tires, chains, etc. should be purchased off campus and brought into the shop to be applied to the bicycle. The shop is also open for any customer service needs for Hawk Wheels Bike Share, bicycle safety education, and bicycle registration.

Fall Semester Hours

Please call 910.962.7784 or email bikes@uncw.edu to set up an appointment Monday-Friday for bike repairs, bike registration, bike assembly and more!

Bicycle Registration, Repair and Laws

Bicycle parking is located throughout the campus and is designated by the presence of racks or designated bicycle parking areas. All bicycles should be parked at provided parking racks ONLY.

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How to Register Your Bike

Bicycle registration is mandatory and FREE:

  1. Please bring your bike to the Hawk Wheels Bike Shop located in the HUB.
  2. Hawk Wheels Bike Shop operatives will assist you in getting your bike registered.
  3. Your registration will be effective for the entire time you are with UNCW.  
(Please Note: You cannot register your bicycle unless you have the physical bicycle with you upon arrival at the Hawk Wheels Bike Shop.)

To Register Your Bike You Will Need:

  • Bike Make
  • Bike Model
  • Serial Number

If your bike is stolen, use the alert feature on the 529 Garage app to notify the community. You should also go directly to the University Police to file an official report. 

Why Register Your Bike?

  1. To deter theft. A bike that is registered is less likely to get stolen.
  2. To prove it is yours! In the event that your bicycle goes missing, a registration is the only real way to prove that it belongs to you.
  3. To stay connected. If your bicycle is parked somewhere it should not be and needs to be moved or if it is recovered by campus police, there is no way to contact you if your bike is not registered.

Bicycle Care


  • Use a kick stand so your bike doesn't fall over
  • Lock your bike by the frame! Do not lock your bike by the wheel
  • Only lock your bike to a designated bike rack
  • Take your bike inside over holidays when class is not in session
  • Clean and lubricate your bike's chain and gears regularly to avoid rust and build up. This maintenance is especially important due to the salty Wilmington air.

Each time before you ride make sure:

  1. The tires have enough air (PSI minus 5-10)
  2. The brakes work (cables aren't stretched and brake levers are stern)
  3. Items such as the chain and gear are not rusted

Self-Service Bike Repair Stationsbike

Air Pumps can be used in the Hawk Wheels Bike Shop or checked out from the front desk in the Fisher Student Center with a One Card. There are 4 self-service bike repair station on the UNCW campus:

  • NW corner of Fisher Student Center
  • At the main entrance of Randall Library
  • In front of Wagoner Hall
  • In front of the Student Rec Center

Please report any missing or non-working
parts of the repair stations by emailing bikes@uncw.edu

Reasons to Ride

  • Just three hours of bicycling per week can reduce a person's risk of heart disease and stroke by 50%
  • A few trips every week made on a bike instead of in a car can save you money on gas and reduce the wear and tear on your car
  • Every year bicyclists in Philadelphia save 47,450 tons of CO2 from being emitted by cars
  • Traffic congestion causes 4.8 billion hours of delay annually, and 3.9 billion gallons of wasted fuel, totaling $115 billion of wasted gasoline
  • It's Free!
  • Get places quick and more conveniently

Bike at sunrise

Tips for Being a Safe Cyclist

  1. Obey traffic signals
  2. Ride WITH traffic
  3. Don't ride on the sidewalk
  4. Be predictable and visible
  5. Do not wear headphones
  6. Wear a helmet
  7. Use bike lights
  8. Avoid biking near parked cars

Bicycle Laws

In North Carolina, a bicycle is considered a vehicle. As such, N.C. traffic laws require bicyclists to:

  • Ride on the right in the same direction as other traffic.
  • Obey all traffic signs and signals.
  • Use hand signals to communicate intended movements.
  • Equip their bicycles with a front lamp visible from 300 feet and a taillight or rear reflector that is visible from a distance of 200 feet when riding at night.
  • Yield to pedestrians.
  • Be subject to DWI and Careless and Reckless Driving laws

End the Cycle

Bikes racks are available on campus.

If you have a bicycle on campus, only lock it to a bike rack. Please help us "end the cycle" of bicycles being locked to handrails, light poles, trees, signs, benches, etc. If you don't see one available, look for one - most buildings have bike racks located on the side entrances and exits. If your bike is locked to a handrail, call box, or if it is blocking any pedestrian access, the bicycle can be impounded by University Police.


Bicycles or mopeds may not be chained or otherwise secured to handrails or traffic signs, or placed in any manner which may create a safety hazard by obstructing passageways, stairs, entrances or exits.

Bicycles impeding pedestrian traffic including access for the disabled may be impounded without prior notification and an impoundment fee of $25 will be charged.

UNCW had the authority to use whatever means necessary to impound illegally parked bicycles; locks and chains are removed at the owner's expense. The university will not be held liable for bikes or securing devices (locks) which are damaged during impoundment. Proof of ownership is required to claim impounded bicycles. Unclaimed bicycles are disposed of in accordance with the North Carolina General Statutes. Violators of this policy will be issued a campus citation set at $25 plus any damage

Wheel It or Deal It

If you find that you no longer use your bicycle, please consider donating it, selling it or properly disposing of it. Every year at UNCW 600 bicycles are abandoned and impounded by the University Police. If you are interested in donating your bicycle please email bikes@uncw.edu.

Bicycle Removal

Impound Lot

Bicycles are removed across campus annually to make sure there is ample space for current students and their bicycles.

These round-ups are conducted twice a year, once during Winter Break in the Seahawk Crossing, Landing and Village, then again throughout the rest of the campus directly after Summer Session 2 ends.

During these round-ups, all bicycles, regardless of condition, will be removed unless the owner has made prior arrangements with University Police. If you do not wish for your bicycle to be removed, contact University Police to obtain an identification device for your bike to prevent its removal.

Under North Carolina law, unclaimed bicycles are donated to a 501(c)(3) charitable organization after a designated waiting period.

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