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Students walking on campus with a bicycle

Bicycle Registration and Care

Bicycle parking is located throughout the campus and is designated by the presence of racks or designated bicycle parking areas. All bicycles should be parked to provided parking racks ONLY.

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How to Register Your Bike

Bicycle registration is mandatory and FREE. Come into the Parking and Transportation Office in the Warwick Center or to the Bike Shop in the Hub to pick up your registration kit. 

To Register Your Bike You Will Need:

  • Bike Make
  • Bike Model
  • Serial Number

Why Register Your Bike?

  1. To deter theft. A bike that is registered is less likely to get stolen.
  2. To prove it is yours! In the event that your bicycle goes missing, a registration is the only real way to prove that it belongs to you.
  3. To stay connected. If your bicycle is parked somewhere it should not be and needs to be moved or if it is recovered by campus police, there is no way to contact you if your bike is not registered.

Bicycle Safety and Proper Care

Bicycle Care Bicycle

  • Use a kick stand so your bike doesn't fall over
  • Lock your bike by the frame! Do not lock your bike by the wheel
  • Only lock your bike to a designated bike rack
  • Take your bike inside over holidays when class is not in session
  • Clean and lubricate your bike's chain and gears regularly to avoid rust and build up. This maintenance is especially important due to the salty Wilmington air.

Each time before you ride make sure:

  1. The tires have enough air (PSI minus 10)
  2. The brakes work (cables aren't stretched and brake levers are stern)
  3. Items such as the chain and gear are not rusted

Tips for Being a Safe CyclistBike Sign and Intersection

  1. Obey traffic signals
  2. Ride WITH traffic
  3. Don't ride on the sidewalk
  4. Be predictable and visible
  5. Do not wear headphones
  6. Wear a helmet
  7. Use bike lights
  8. Avoid biking near parked cars

Wheel It or Deal It

If you find that you no longer use your bicycle, please consider donating it, selling it or properly disposing of it. Every year at UNCW, 600 bicycles are abandoned and impounded by the University Police. If you are interested in donating your bicycle, please email bikes@uncw.edu