Transition Programs

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Teal Bridge Mentors are volunteer transfer student leaders in the Office of Transition Programs, who serve as mentors and guides for new transfer students at UNCW.

Teal Bridge Mentors are selected during the fall semester. Those selected begin their training and planning for the position in the spring semester and serve as a Teal Bridge Mentor for the following academic year.

Applications to become a mentor are currently closed, but if you are interested in the opportunity, please fill out the Teal Bridge Mentor Interest Survey and you will be contacted when applications re-open.

If you have any questions regarding the position, please contact Carrie West at or 910.962.7253.

Teal Bridge Mentor Qualifications

In order to become a Teal Bridge Mentor, students must:
  • Possess a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Be in good disciplinary standing
  • Be classified as a transfer student at UNCW
  • Successfully complete spring and fall training
  • Possess a desire to help incoming transfer students

Teal Bridge Mentor Responsibilities

Teal Bridge Mentors will:

  • Participate in all training events and meetings during the spring and fall semester
  • Attend the Seahawk Leadership Conference in the fall semester (typically October)
  • Meet once a month with their mentees individually and submit a student success worksheet on each of their meetings
  • Meet once a month with their entire mentor group
  • Work collaborative with other TBMs to plan an event once a month that is open to all Teal Bridge mentees and transfer students in the Teal Bridge Networking Group
  • Work collaborative with other TBMs to plan a transfer welcome event for all transfer students during UNCWelcome and UNCWelcome Back
  • Work collaboratively with other TBMs to create a bi-weekly blog series posted in the Teal Bridge Networking Group and Teal Bridge Monthly Newsletter about being a transfer student at UNCW
  • Moderate the Teal Bridge Networking Group Facebook page

Teal Bridge Mentor Outcomes

As a result of their position and involvement with Teal Bridge, Teal Bridge Mentors will:

  • Possess a knowledge and understanding of UNCW departments and resources
  • Grow their understanding of leadership and learn how to utilize common leadership practices and skills
    • Develop interpersonal communication and counseling skills including one-on-one facilitation, group facilitation, and problem-solving skills
    • Develop program planning skills including organization, collaboration, and budget management
    • Build relationships with transfer students, fellow Teal Bridge Mentors, and university staff
    • Experience working in a collaborative team environment

For more information on becoming a Teal Bridge Mentor, please contact Carrie West at or 910.962.7253.