Transition Programs


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  • What is included in the registration fee?
    The freshman student fee includes: All meals for the time you will stay on campus, one night stay in the residence hall (June sessions only), a bag, t-shirt, workshops and presentations, social activities, all advising materials and parking. It also includes programs throughout the first year to assist in your transition to UNCW.

    The freshman family fee includes: Breakfast and lunch for the time you will be on campus, workshops and presentations, informational materials, a bag, t-shirt and parking. As a reminder - the August and January guest orientation sessions are only one day.

    The transfer student fee includes: Breakfast and lunch, a bag, t-shirt, workshops and presentations, advising materials and parking.

    The transfer family fee includes: Breakfast and lunch, a bag, t-shirt, workshops and presentations, informational materials and parking.
  • Can I Change My Orientation Date?
    Your Orientation session can be changed in the VisualZen Orientation system only in space is available in another session. You will be responsible for any increase in fees. If there is a decrease in fees, you are responsible for requesting a refund by the deadline. You can change your date as many times as desired until the stated deadline. View an instructional video for how to change your date here.
  • What If I Cannot Attend One of the Scheduled Orientation Dates?
    You will need to register for an offered date and call the Office of Transition Programs at 910.962.3089 to be moved into the make-up session. The make-up sessions will be held online. You will receive an e-mail regarding the online make-up orientation and how to access it. Once you have completed the online make-up orientation, you will receive an e-mail with your advisor's name and information. You cannot register for classes until you have completed the make-up session and meet with an advisor. We will do everything possible to coordinate with your advisor but ultimately, it is up to you to make yourself available at their availability. The same orientation fees are required for make-up sessions.
  • As a Student, Am I Required to Stay in the Residence Halls During Orientation?
    No. However we encourage freshmen to stay in the residence hall as it is an excellent opportunity to meet other students. In addition, your orientation schedule will keep you busy between 7:45 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. Most students find in more convenient to stay on-campus. The overnight stay is included in the student fee, and will not be returned if you choose to stay off-campus.

    Housing is not available for any of the Transfer sessions. Please coordinate your travel arrangements accordingly around the sample or published schedule.
    Residence halls will not be available to students and family members attending orientation in May, August, or January. Therefore, the option for housing on the registration site will be automatically selected to 'No' for you. However, students with on-campus housing assignments will be allowed to check into their assignments the day prior to August or January orientation. Please contact Housing & Residence Life at 910.962.3241 or visit their website to learn about move-in dates.
  • If I Have Signed Up for Early Arrival, but my Plane is Delayed, Will I Still Be Able to Check-In at the Dorms?
    Yes, go to the residence hall listed on your confirmation letter. The Desk Receptionist will call the conference assistant to let you into your room. You will have to check into orientation the next morning. Early Arrival is not available to Freshman students and family members attending orientation in August or January. Early Arrival is not available to Transfer students and guests.
  • If I Need To Leave Before 5 p.m. on the Final Day of my Orientation, Can I Register for Classes Early?
    No, attendance is required at all orientation sessions prior to registering for classes. While you may finish prior to 5 p.m., we cannot guarantee it.

    For incoming Freshman, there is an opportunity for early registration. There will be a stated date that you need to register for orientation by and you will have an opportunity to complete early registration. You will receive an e-mail from University College with further instructions when you meet the deadline. You will still meet with an Academic Advisor at orientation to look over and revise your schedule, if necessary. University College can provide additional information on early registration.
  • What Time Should I Book My Flights Before and After Orientation?
    Orientation begins at 7:45 a.m. on the first day, so it is suggested that you fly in the night prior. For all Freshman June sessions, we do offer Early Arrival lodging in the residence halls. Early arrival lodging is NOT an option for Transfer students. Orientation will end 4:45 p.m. on the final day, so please book an evening flight if you place on leaving that day.
  • Are All the Orientation Sessions Offered at Orientation Required?
    Yes, all the sessions for students are required. We believe that Orientation is important for a smooth transition to UNCW and your success as a student. If you miss a session, you will be required to come back to orientation during an available session in order to complete orientation. You will not be able to register prior to attending all orientation programs. A hold, which will prevent you from registering for classes, will be placed on your account until you attend the missed sessions.
  • Are Linens Provided If I Stay On-Campus for Orientation?
    Yes, linens are provided at no additional charge. Please note that there are no overnight accommodations available during May, August or January orientation sessions.
  • Should Family Members Attend Orientation?
    Yes. It is not required that parents or family members attend orientation. We encourage parents or family members to attend because they have questions and concerns about college life that students might not have considered. Parents and family members will attend a separate program and will hear information that will help students adjust to UNCW. If you choose not to attend family orientation, we highly suggest you sign-up for the FLASH Family Newsletter to get important information throughout the year. Oorientation is not a place designated for children, but if a child must attend, they will need to be registered as an additional guest and pay the same fee. They will receive the same benefits as any other guest - including a t-shirt, meals, a bag, and other materials. We do not offer youth sizes in the t-shirt.