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Be sure to keep checking your UNCW e-mail for additional Orientation information.

Freshman Student/Family
Orientation Dates

Freshman Orientation is a two-day program for both students and attending family members. Freshman orientation is designed for students who recently graduated from high school and will begin their 4-year university experience at UNCW. Below are the available sessions for students enrolling in the Summer 2019 and Fall 2019 semesters. 

Session 1: June 3-4
Session 2: June 10-11
Session 3: June 17-18
Session 4: June 19-20
Session 5: June 24-25 
Session 6: June 26-27
Session 7: August 18-19 

*Please note that there is no waitlist process. If space opens up in a session due to a registered student changing sessions or withdrawing, the space will be available in the registration system on a first come, first serve basis prior to the registration deadline. If space is available, the session will automatically be shown as available to register. Once it has reached the registration deadline, sessions are closed definitely.

Freshman Student/Family Orientation Fees

The only required fee for Orientation is the student fee. Family and guest attendance is optional. Below are fees associated with students enrolling in the Summer 2019 and Fall 2019 semesters.

June Session Fees

Student: $180.00
Guest: $100.00
Early Arrival: $25 per person

August Session Fees

Student: $160.00
Guest: $85

Early Arrival is only available for the June orientation sessions. 

Freshman Student/Family Orientation Deadlines

All students must register for an Orientation session by the stated deadline. Students will receive reminders to their UNCW e-mail consistently until they complete registration. No exceptions will be made after a deadline has passed. Below are the deadlines for students enrolling in the Summer 2019 and Fall 2019 semester.

Registration Deadline for the June Sessions

May 19, 2019

Registration Deadline for the August Session

August 2, 2019