Tech Talk: ITS Newsletter

May, 2022

Important: Removing Sammy & Timmy Personal Files on May 31, 2022 

As mentioned previously in SWOOP, Tech Talk and emails, on May 31, your personal Sammy\People and Timmy\Students shares will be removed completely and no longer available. For full details, see our original article, Take Action: Sammy & Timmy File Servers Retiring from November 2021. This will not impact Sammy\Departments, Timmy\Classes or Timmy\Orgs. ITS is planning the second phase to address these shared folders and will update the campus later this summer. 

Any files still located in these personal shared folders need to be migrated to OneDrive right away to avoid losing access. If you need assistance moving files, please check out our knowledge base article, How do I Setup OneDrive and Copy Files from Sammy?

If you have any questions, please CHAT with TAC or visit the myTAC portal for additional resources.