Tech Talk: ITS Newsletter

February, 2022

Action Required: Personal Sammy & Timmy Files
Must be Copied by Feb. 28

As noted in previous versions of Tech Talk and SWOOP, ITS is excited to announce that we are implementing a phased retirement of the Sammy and Timmy file servers and officially migrating to OneDrive for personal file storage. On Feb. 28, 2022, you will need to have all your files from Sammy and Timmy copied to OneDrive. Please note,this does not impact Sammy\Departments, "People" Webpages or the Classes and Orgs shares on Timmy.

Please review these FAQs

What are the benefits of One Drive?

  • Improved functionality, including file sharing inside and outside of UNCW.
  • Ease of remote access without a VPN connection and with larger storage capacity.
  • As a cloud-based service, it provides increased security and resiliency that ties directly into UNCW’s Office 365 ecosystem, integrating with email, Teams, SharePoint and other applications.

What is the deadline to copy my files? 

  • By February 28, 2022, all university users of Sammy or Timmy are required to copy their files from Sammy\People and Timmy to OneDrive.  
  • On March 1, 2022, your Sammy and/or Timmy folders will be converted to read-only, and creating new files and making changes to existing files will be prohibited. Please use OneDrive for all new and edited files. 
  • On May 31, 2022, your Sammy/Timmy folder will be removed completely.

How do I set up OneDrive and Copy my Files?

View our comprehensive knowledge base article on How to set up OneDrive and how to copy your files? We also have live and on-demand training available through the Dare to Learn Academy (for faculty & staff only) to show you how to make the most of OneDrive, including how to access it from classrooms or from home, how to share files, how to retrieve previous versions of files and how to recover files deleted by mistake.

Please note: As you copy your files, please take the time to consider each document that you are storing. If the document is likely to contain sensitive data or outdated business information, please consider deletion instead of moving it to OneDrive. Data protection is incredibly important, and it is crucial that we all do our part to protect UNCW.

If you have any questions, please CHAT with TAC or visit the myTAC portal for additional resources.