Tech Talk: ITS Newsletter

April, 2021

WebNow is moving to “Perceptive Experience” on May 14

ITS is excited to announce that WebNow, the website version of ImageNow, is transitioning to Hyland’s “Perceptive Experience” on May 14. Perceptive Experience is available now (see information below), and we encourage you to login, become familiar with and explore the new and improved website. Perceptive Experience will be available alongside WebNow until May 14. After that WebNow will be discontinued.

Benefits of Perceptive Experience

  • Improved user interface & navigation.
  • Can be used on any browser, not just Internet Explorer!
  • Mac users can access it without using Horizon!
  • Does not require Java.
  • Has all of the same functionality of WebNow.

Accessing Perceptive Experience

You can access the new Perceptive Experience through UNCW Faculty & Staff Web page, in the “e-Resources” section, and also through mySeaport. Simply click on the “Administrative Service” tab in mySeaport, and look in the “UNCW Services & Links” section. In addition, you can access it through the link below.

Perceptive Experience »

Improved Security through VPN

In an effort to increase security, a VPN connection to the campus Network will be required to access the Perceptive Experience site starting on May 14. If you have questions about using VPN to connect to the campus Network, please check out the knowledge base articles below.

If you have any questions, please CHAT with TAC or visit the myTAC client support portal for additional resources.