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November, 2020

REMINDER: Take Action - Zoom Cloud Recordings Removal

As noted previously in our Take Action - Your Zoom Cloud Recordings article, all Zoom recordings are deleted after the equivalent of one academic semester (120 days). Accordingly, at the conclusion of this fall semester on December 10, 2020, all Zoom recordings created before August 19, 2020, will be deleted.

You may, however, keep Zoom recordings for longer than 120 days by transferring or uploading the recordings to your Echo 360 account which has unlimited storage. For instructions on how to upload a recording from Zoom cloud recordings to your Echo360 library, please read the "How do I Add my Zoom Recordings to my Echo360 library?" knowledge base article. 

Remember, all UNCW faculty, students and staff have access to an Echo360 account for storage, creation and management of video files. To activate your Echo360 account, please follow the "How do I Activate my Echo360?" knowledge base instructions.

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