Tech Talk: ITS Newsletter

November, 2020

Take Action: Change to Adobe Acrobat for UNCW Windows Computers

Adobe is changing the way Acrobat works, and soon they are going to require anyone using the program to log in. Many UNCW faculty and staff have already seen the expiration notifications. In order to keep Adobe working on UNCW computers and prevent any interruptions in your work, we must make a change before the current licenses expire on 11/30/2020. 

On Wednesday, November 18 after 6 p.m., ITS will be pushing out an update to UNCW Windows systems, both on and off campus. Please make sure your university PCs are powered on that evening so they can receive the updates after hours to prevent any interruption in your work. 

The next time you open Adobe Acrobat, you will be asked to Sign in: 

  • Please enter your full UNCW email address including “,” and click “Continue.” 
  • You will then be asked to “Select an account.” 
  • Select “Company or School Account.” 
  • The sign in process should complete on its own from there.
Please note: You won’t have to log in every time but may be prompted, on occasion, to verify your credentials.

If you have any questions, please CHAT with TAC or visit the Technology Assistance Center homepage for additional resources.