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Zoombombing: The New Internet Troll

April, 2020


UNCW and ITS take Zoombombing seriously. To report any issues of Zoombombing, submit an ITS Request or contact the Technology Assistance Center at 910.962.HELP (4357) or 

UPDATE: Zoom updates automatically to the most recent version. These updates occur automatically at regular intervals. For more information regarding Zoom security, and the measures they have taken to ensure privacy, please visit: 

What is Zoombombing?

A new form of Internet trolling in which a hacker uses Zoom’s screensharing feature to interrupt and disrupt meetings and classes.

Securing your Meetings and Virtual Classrooms

UNCW’s Zoom environment has default settings in place to help protect against Zoombombing. However, users can take other preventative steps as well.

Default Settings That Help Prevent Zoombombing

The following precautions are preset in UNCW’s Zoom environment to protect against Zoombombing.

Only Hosts Can Screen Share

By default, only a host can share their screen. The meeting host can change this setting during a meeting using the Share Screen host control at the bottom of the Zoom window.

File Transfer is Disabled

In-meeting file transfers allow hosts and participants to share files with one another via the Chat function. This feature is disabled by default but can be enabled in a host’s account settings.

How Users Can Prevent Zoombombing

For additional ways you can help prevent zoombombing, please refer to our knowledge base article:

How do I Help Prevent Zoombombing? »

Additional Resources

If you have any questions, please contact the Technology Assistance Center at 910.962.4357.