Tax Compliance

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Moving Allowances

The payment of a moving allowance may be made to new employees using institutional unrestricted trust or agency funds at the discretion of the budgetary authority.  

A moving allowance paid by the University to an employee is considered a taxable benefit and included in the employee’s gross wages and taxed on the first eligible pay cycle after employment and payment of allowance.
Taxable benefits are subject to employment taxes and withholdings and are reported on the employee’s W-2 in accordance with IRS guidance.

Departments should request the Moving Allowance Appointment Letter Addendum Template from the University Tax Accountant, Lisa Eakins, at   The new employee's signature must be obtained along with the appropriate department head/director/dean and the division vice-chancellor.  Once all signatures are obtained, the letter should be routed back to the University Tax Accountant.   

For further guidance, please refer to UNCW's Moving Allowance Policy