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By the Numbers

By the Numbers April 2017

*YoY = Year over year, change from 12 months prior

Economic Outlook

An "Interesting" Start to the Year

Is Uncertainty Here to Stay? - Not Likely.

Ever since the elections in early November there has been considerable discussion about the incoming, now new, administration’s policies and what they will mean for business and growth going forward.  The likely answer is “not as much or as soon” as initially expected.

Stock Prices and Consumer Sentiment graph

Following the election:

More recently:

Looking forward:

The Regional Outlook

The regional outlook continues to remain positive. Growth comes from two potential sources: growth in the number of workers or growth in workers’ productivity. With increased wealth levels and confidence at the national level, the region is likely to see an uptick in the number of workers moving into the region. Anecdotally, this projection is supported by the large amount of construction activity in the region. In addition, productivity growth in the region, which dipped negative following the recession, is once again positive.

output formula

Population Growth chart

The positive regional outlook is driven by:

Looking forward:

Adam Jones

Dr. Adam Jones

Associate Professor of Economics, Cameron School of Business
Regional Economist, Swain Center

Dr. Jones has been with UNCW and the Cameron School of Business since 2010, after obtaining his Ph.D. from the University of Georgia. Prior to joining the faculty, Dr. Jones worked with the Newton County Chamber of Commerce in Covington, GA. He has published in the Economic Development Quarterly, the Atlantic Economic Journal, and the Journal of Economics and Finance. He plans to continue his local public finance and regional economics research at UNCW with a focus on North Carolina issues and tax-base development.

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