Why so complicated?

UNCW believes that Sustainability is a personal and organizational commitment. We want to hear all ideas, opinions, constructive criticism, and research from all Seahawks. In order to accommodate all of these voices in the most efficient way, Sustainability has been broken down into several groups. While each group has a different charge, they share a common mission of ensuring the unique resources and benefits of today's world will remain for future generations.

Chancellor's Sustainability Council

Statement of Solidarity

This statement of solidarity encompasses all social justice issues and was written specifically in response to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

The Chancellor’s Sustainability Council advocates for a campus and community that provides opportunities for healthy, productive, and meaningful lives today and in the future. UNCW defines sustainability as individual efforts made by the community to ensure the unique resources and benefits of today’s world will remain for future generations. We strive to weave these ideals into the university’s mission of teaching, scholarship, and service in a way that demands economic vitality, social equity, and environmental stewardship. All three pillars (Society, Economy, and Environment) of Sustainability are equally critical. Still, we must specifically recognize the importance of the societal pillar as social justice and equality are intimately linked to the quality of life. These values must be at the core of our sustainability efforts, and any words or actions that diminish or threaten justice and equality of anyone must be addressed. Social justice is advanced when gender, race, religion, and culture are neither overt nor subtle barriers to success. We are confident that an informed, empowered, and engaged campus community will reject these threats and meet the many challenges of today and the future.


Roger Shew – Co-Chair

  • Dr. Huili Hao
  • Dr. Dennis Kubasko
  • Mr. Brian Dailey
  • Mr. Jack Inabnit
  • Mr. Galen Jamison
  • Ms. Feletia Lee
  • Mr. Dave Olson
  • Mr. Jim Nicholson
  • Ms. Marie Davis
  • Mr. Shawn Burkett
  • Mr. Mike Cherry
  • Mr. Tim McNeilly
  • Ms. Rachel Kowadlo
  • Mr. Ian Shields
  • Ms. Sharon Boyd

Council Charge

To prioritize and facilitate the implementation of recommendations that are identified to further the mission of sustainable practices in all aspects of UNCW's institutional culture, including operations, activities, academic programs and community relationships. The Council will provide an annual report to the chancellor that summarizes progress and future priorities.

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee is comprised of students, faculty, staff, and community members who are passionate about sustainable initiatives, growth, and development. This committee meets once a month to brainstorm ideas and discuss opportunities for improvement. During this hour and half meeting, there will be tables set up to specifically discuss the  major priorities outlined in the Sustainability Strategic Plan; Infrastructure and Natural Areas, Education and Research, Engagement, Honors and Rankings. 

You can find meeting times on the UNCW Sustainability homepage!

Committee Charge

The Sustainability Committee is the pulse of the campus. Those who attend meetings solicit campus input to develop goals, promote a culture of sustainability, and monitor the execution of goals given to the Chancellor's Sustainability Council. All of the work done during committee meetings is compiled into the yearly Sustainability Action Plan. This is also a time for cross-pollination of ideas and partnerships!