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UNCW Sustainability Awards

Charlie Maimone Faculty/Staff Sustainability Award

In 2014, the UNCW Sustainability Committee presented the Charlie Maimone Sustainability Award to Vice Chancellor Maimone himself in recognition of his outstanding leadership in Sustainability and environmental stewardship. The award is given every year to a UNCW employee that exemplifies these qualities of promoting environmentally Sustainable causes, social justice, and economic vitality. Each fall, faculty, and staff are nominated that lead or are involved in endeavors that promote Sustainable initiatives and how these actions have positively impacted the university. A team of student volunteers chooses the recipient. 

Carolyn Elizabeth (Lizzy) Duffy Student Sustainability Award

The next year, the Sustainability Council was torn after reviewing nominations for the Charlie Maimone Sustainability Award between many deserving nominees. One student, Lizzy Duffy, stood out among many faculty and staff. It was decided on the spot that a student award should be created in her honor.

The Carolyn Elizabeth (Lizzy) Duffy Student Sustainability Award is a Cornerstone Award presented to one student who has been at UNCW for at least one semester during the academic year. The recipient must be in good standing with the university and have a minimum 2.67 GPA. The Carolyn Elizabeth (Lizzy) Duffy Sustainability Award was created in March 2015 to honor the efforts of Lizzy, for particularly spearheading the proposal for The Green Initiative Fund, which brought support, resources, and visibility to Sustainability at UNCW. The award recipient should be someone who exemplifies a similar passion and stewardship for Sustainability at UNCW, the community, and the world. Additionally, the award recognizes the service and commitment that comes along with this passion and how other students have chosen to apply it.

2019/20 Recipients

Charlie Maimone Faculty/Staff Sustainability Award

Dr. Ian Weaver, Assistant Professor - Department of English

Dr. Weaver has been involved with crafting UNCW's Climate Resiliency Plan since its inception. Throughout this year-long process, he has committed to implementing this work into three separate classes. Therefore, not only has he himself committed to Sustainable actions but he has involved numerous students in the work as well, spreading the mission of UNCW Sustainability to a broad audience. He remains committed to the work and is endlessly mentoring students on their journey of climate education. Dr. Weaver is a pleasure to work alongside and always has a positive attitude, new ideas to share, and most importantly, dedication to the mission of Sustainability at UNCW.

Dr. Ann Roctchford, Senior Lecturer - Department of Sociology and Criminology

I'm very pleased to nominate my colleague, Dr. Rotchford.

- Ann taught the first Environmental Sociology course at UNCW, which includes a module devoted to environmental justice/racism.
- She is the Founding Partner of the Sustainable Seahawks Learning Community (SSLC). The SSLC just completed the first semester in Fall 2020. The SSLC continues to grow.
- She is a Participating Judge for UNCW Duffy Awards.
- She has a Partnership with the Good Shepherd Center.
- With Kat Pohlman, Dr. Rotchford plants/maintains a vegetable garden at the Good Shepherd Center (funded by the SOC/CRM department). They are helping to create a composting program at the Center.
- Finally, she is a member of the UNCW Sustainability Committee.

2021 Carolyn Elizabeth (Lizzy) Duffy Student Sustainability Award

Lauren Cromie

While pursuing dualMasterrsdegrees in Environmental Studies and Public Administration, Laurenen actively engaged in the UNCW community. Upon enrollment in 2019, she received the Environmental Studies New Scholar Award scholarshipp. Lauren was active in the UNCWSustainability Committeeandco-authored the Natural Resources section of the university’s first Climate Resiliency and Action Plan. She also engaged in a research project, which sought to understand NC coastal tourism businesses' implementation of sustainable practicesLauren received a TGIFmini-grant to execute this researchLaurenn also enrolled in a Directed Independent Study, where she partnered with UNCW faculty and Wilmington city officials to update Wilmington’s Land DevelopmenttCode to improve stormwater management within city limits. During her graduate career, she promoted engageenand professional development through leadership positionsFrom 2019 to 2021, Lauren served in Campus LifeasaGraduate Assistant where she advised undergraduate student leaders in a student organizationnShe encouraged them to incorporate sustainable practices into the organization’s operations. Lauren volunteered to facilitate small group discussions at the 2019 Seahawk Leadership Conference and the 2020 Elevate Leadership ConferenceDuring Lauren’s undergraduate career, she advanced sustainability efforts. Lauren obtained her bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from the UNCW Honors Collegee, and while enrolled, she voted to approve the creation of the Green Initiative Fund at UNCW, which supplies monetary support for sustainability initiativesAfter this proposal was approved, she pitcheideas on how to effectively utilize these funds. Laurenreceivedseveral awards and scholarships: UNCW Merit Scholarship, the NOAA HollingsScholarshipDistinguishdUndergraduate Research Scholar, DistinguishedEngagement Award, and Dean’s ListLauren is pursuing full-time employment in the Wilmington area that will apply her environmental and publicic administration background to create a positive impact in the surrounding community.“UNCW has allowed me to soar.

Previous Recipients

Charlie Maimone Faculty/Staff Sustainability Award

2019 - Jake Inabnit, Landscape Manager

2018 - Elisabeth Garner, Library Specialist

2017 - Matt Rogers, Campus Dining - Aramark

2016 - Stan Harts, Director of Environmental Health and Safety

2014 - Charlie Maimone, Vice Chancellor of Business Affairs

Carolyn Elizabeth (Lizzy) Duffy Student Sustainability Award

2020 - Rosa Ponce Vargas

2019 - Abby Weinshenker

2018 - Jose Borja

2017 - Samantha Huskey

2016 - Jose Vergara

2015 - Carolyn Elizabeth Duffy