Natural Areas & Landscaping

  • UNCW awarded Bee Campus U.S.A.
  • Bluethenthal Wildflower Preserve accommodates seating for classes overlooking the lake
  • As a small forest restoration project in Ev-Henwood Nature Preserve, the following have been planted over the past three years by UNCW students and Sierra Club members: 
    • 1,500 longleaf pines (Pinus palustris) 
    • 250 wiregrass plants (Aristida stricta)
  • Design and completion of the Tidal Creek Rain Garden, which is a Best Management Practice design to reduce stormwater runoff into Hewletts Creek. 
    • The design and construction was part of a cooperative effort between UNCW (Academics and Landscape Services), City of Wilmington Stormwater Services, NC State, Tidal Creek, and Surfriders
  • UNCW students and New Hanover County Landfill collaborated to plant a state rare grass (Aristida condensate) onto 90 acres to the south of the current landfill.
  • Storm debris from the 2014 winter storm waste was mulched to be used by UNCW Landscaping
  • Collaborative efforts between UNCW, NCSU and the City of Wilmington have improved the health of Hewletts Creek
  • UNCW's community garden has served as a firsthand educational resource to students while providing produce to the local Food Bank
  • Installation of sustainable rain garden found at Cultural Arts Building and Friday Hall
  • 3 miles of the Gary Shell Cross-City Trail run through UNCW's campus 
    • The Cross-City Trail connects parks, education, shopping and other amenities across the city. It runs from the southern part of the county, beginning at James E.L. Wade Park, to the Heide-Trask Drawbridge at Wrightsville Beach