UNCW Sustainable Office

For nine years, UNCW has been tracking and measuring the sustainability efforts implemented by the university. Great strides have been made in energy efficiency, local and sustainable dining and catering, and the availability and ease of alternative transportation. UNCW has been recognized for its excellence by several national and international programs for these sustainability efforts.

There are small steps that each faculty, staff, and student can take to make a positive difference. These actions will be multiplied and will more positively impact UNCW with more participation. The Green Office Pledge is intended to engage, encourage, and support sustainable behaviors as an office that will moderate wasteful actions, save money, and increase the overall sustainability of the university. These actions will help the university complete the goals of the Sustainability Action Plan and the goals of the UNC-GA Sustainability Policy.


We, ___________, pledge to consider the environmental, social, and economic impacts of the daily operations, events, purchases, transportation, energy and water use, and waste diversion of this office. We enthusiastically share these efforts with others at UNCW and in the community.


  • Notify UNCW Sustainability that you would like to take the Green Office Pledge.
  • Have at least 75% of office employees sign the pledge, and display it in a visible, common area.
  • Designate an office liaison to receive weekly emails with updates of sustainability at UNCW.
  • Schedule a 5 minute presentation to be given by a Sustainability Council peer educator or member of the Sustainability Council.

First Steps to Success

  • Let everyone know you are in a Green Office by requesting a logo for your email signature.
  • Turn off the lights whenever leaving a room for more than a few minutes, and definitely over the weekend and holidays.
  • Print only when necessary, and always double-sided.
  • Make an effort to eat local foods and to try and reduce some meat consumption.
  • Whenever holding an event, commit to making it at least a Teal Event under the Gold Talon Events rubric.
  • Walk or bike to meetings and other events on campus as much as possible; UNCW Bike Share is a great resource.
  • Know what items are recyclable and commit to diverting these materials whenever possible.


  • Reduce materials and energy/water consumption saving UNCW money while reducing our “talonprint”.
  • Receive a Green Office Pledge kit with supplies to encourage sustainable practices.
  • Recognition by UNCW Sustainability in the yearly report.
  • Assistance from UNCW Sustainability in achieving goals.
  • Preserve our beautiful university and community for future generations of Seahawks.

When Seahawks Soar They Leave No Talonprints